Spread the Word! 2012 WIHW flyers are now available

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Spread the Word!

2012 WIHW flyers are now available

For the World Interfaith Harmony Week to really take off we need you to promote it to as many peope as possible.
Many have answered the call and have been promoting the WIHW. We have received numerous requests for flyers that can posted at your schools, places of worship, and communities, and we are happy to announce that the flyers are now available for you to print and post.
In This Newsletter
WIHW 2012 flyer
Submit Your Event
Letters of Support
Interfaith Tracking
As a global event we made sure to design in the two main standard sizes: Letter (US) and A4.
WIHW Flyer imageDownload the flyer here:
A4 Paper Size (International Size)
Please print these flyers out now and post them for others to see. We want to see these flyers everywhere!
You never know whose life you might touch by such a seemingly small action. Some people lives may change forever just by happenning across a flyer you put up sparking their interest in working for interfaith harmony.

2012 Events

Last year we saw the events initially trickle in and then had a major rush of events posted the month before the WIHW.
It’s important that we begin posting event details as soon as possible in order that we can help promote your event as early as possible so that as many people as possible can learn about your event in advance.
Even if you don’t have full details yet, you can still post tentative events and edit them later, the main thing is to just get the ball moving by committing to an event date and begin the promotion.
Register Your Event

Letters of Support

If you haven’t done so yet, please submit your letter of support now.

If you have already sent your letter of support please ask your colleagues to do so by reminding them how important it is for your community and organizations to show support for positive action.

Interfaith Tracking

Several months back we launched InterfaithTracking.com as a site dedicated to tracking interfaith events happening all year round and so far the response has been great as each month we are seeing more and more visitors coming and more events being posted. However we still have a way to go as we have some major improvements in the works for automating WIHW events posting between both sites and giving you more flexibility and options in creating and editing events. In the meantime please do post any of your upcoming events to this site so that all those interested in interfaith can learn more about what is happening both near them and globally.
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